Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Traveling postcards.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to host something for a while now, and was putting a lot of thought to what could it be. So, I finally decided I want to put together a mini album of postcards from your state, city, or town.

The whole project consists of me starting with a postcard from the city of Chicago where I reside. Then I mail it out to whom ever is next on the list, this person receives my postcard signs and dates it. Then she starts her own postcard project. Wether it's a regular postcard or you make your own. Then you mail both yours and my postcard to the next person. And the next recipient does the same thing and also mails out, and so on.

You are free to do anything with the postcards as long as the state, city, or town are visible for viewing. You can embellish, paint, write, emboss, ink, distress etc.

The last person on the list does the same as everyone and mails all the postcards back to me. So I can bind all the postcards into a mini album and make a video showing everyone who participated.

Please feel free to ask any questions. All you have to supply is a mail stamp to mail out to the next person. I can't wait to see everyone's postcards.




  1. I would love to join your traveling postcards.
    Here is my email address:

  2. this sounds like fun but I have a question. Do we get everone's postcard too or no? I would love to have one too. Thanks...